The featured books and reviews from Evil Reads are very amusing indeed. The way that they present their reviews is not your ordinary book review. They give you a humorous and entertaining account of why you should or should not read a particular book. There is honesty there aside from comedy. They are not just in it to rake in some cash from endorsing books. They really want the readers to find a good read that will give them total entertainment and loads of fun and laughter. – From Entertainment Weekly 

Evil Reads is our must go to site for humorous books.  Their selection of books is wide and covers different genres such as romance, thriller, horror, science fiction, and nonfiction. But there is a thread that binds this wide array of books – humor. You are sure to have an entertaining time reading their selection and you would want to read them again and again. We love to feature their work because they are clever and witty in their reviews. – From USA Today 

Let us not forget that Evil Reads is under the direct supervision of none other than Andrew Shatner who has given us so many reasons to love reading books and to laugh. With Shatner holding the reins of the site, expect nothing less than amazing from Evil Reads. Really, reading their work is like watching an episode of your favorite comedy television show. You just cannot stop laughing, it is actually addicting. – From the Hollywood Reporter 

Evil Reads is Andrew Shatner. Far from being evil, they really aim to spread positivity and laughter to everyone. Far from being evil, they offer good reads for each and every one who wants to be entertained. Lastly, far from being evil, they give us a different perspective of things but always with a humorous side. – From The Huffington Post